There are two categories of Vispect products: the Standard Products and the Solutions.

Standard Products and Solutions provide functions such as Front Collision Avoidance, Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Detection, Driver Status Monitoring/Fatigue System, etc. Some Vispect systems can exchange information, communicate, and interact with the vehicles, to control the vehicles to brake, stop, turn, and accelerate if needed, when the relevant interfaces are provided. Besides, Some Vispect systems, with 4G wireless module inside, are able to exchange data with cloud-based data center, to provide remote reports, remote maintenance, and remote setting.


Advanced Collision Detection and Prevention System: G4

The G4 system is a cutting-edge safety solution designed to prevent collisions involving trucks and Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs). Here's how it enhances truck safety:

  • ● VRU Detection:

    Utilizes high-precision sensors to detect VRUs in the truck's path, including pedestrians and cyclists.

  • ● Collision Time Calculation:

    Calculates Collision Time (CT) based on the distance between the truck and the VRU, as well as the truck’s speed. Continuously updates this calculation in real-time.

  • ● Real-Time Decision Making:

    Monitors the situation continuously and, if a collision is imminent, intervenes before it's too late to brake safely.

  • ● Vehicle Control:

    Sends commands to the truck’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to decelerate, ensuring timely braking to avoid a collision.

  • ● Seamless Integration:

    Integrates with the truck's existing systems, working alongside other safety features to provide a comprehensive safety solution.

The G4 system significantly enhances truck safety, protecting both drivers and VRUs by combining advanced detection capabilities with real-time decision-making and vehicle control.


Advanced Safety Systems for Transit Companies: Vis G Series

Vis G series systems have been widely adopted by transit companies to enhance bus safety and avoid collisions with various obstacles and road users. These advanced systems are equipped with features designed to ensure the safety of both passengers and pedestrians.

  • Vis G4-X Systems

  • ● Hazard Detection:

    Detects cyclists in blind spots when the vehicle turns. Identifies people standing close to the curb when the bus enters the stop.

    Monitors vehicles in the adjacent lane when the bus changes lanes. Recognizes people in front blind spots when the bus starts.

  • ● Real-Time Alerts:

    Equipped with BEV detection and a dynamic alarming strategy. Delivers highly accurate alarms while minimizing driver distractions.

  • ● Accident Prevention:

    Significantly reduces the risk of collisions by providing timely and precise warnings.

  • ● Enhanced with AI detection capabilities, the G4-S Systems effectively recognize.

  • Vis G4-S Systems

  • ● Hazard Detection:

    Detects cyclists/VRUs in blind spots when the vehicle turns. Identifies cyclists approaching quickly from long distances behind the bus.

    Monitors VRUs in front blind spots when the bus starts.

  • ● Real-Time Alerts:

    Enhanced with AI detection capabilities. Effectively recognizes cyclists from a long distance, ensuring high accuracy in alerts while keeping driver interruptions to a minimum.

  • ● Accident Prevention:

    Ensures high accuracy in alerts while minimizing driver interruptions, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.


Advanced Safety Systems for Construction Machinery: Vis G Series

Vis G series systems have been widely adopted by approximately 100 construction companies for use on their machinery at various sites, including airports, tunnels, highways, and buildings. These advanced systems enhance safety by detecting Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) and vehicles approaching operational machinery.

  • ● Hazard Detection:

    Identifies VRUs and vehicles near construction machinery.

  • ● Real-Time Alerts:

    Triggers alarms to alert both the machine operator and VRUs of potential hazards.

  • ● Accident Prevention:

    Significantly reduces the risk of accidents on construction sites by providing timely warnings.

  • ● Enhanced with AI detection capabilities, the G4-S Systems effectively recognize.


Advanced Collision Detection and Safety Management System:G4

Our technology is designed to be adaptable to various vehicle models, providing comprehensive monitoring and management solutions that prioritize safety. The G4 system addresses three critical areas.

  • ● Personnel Safety:

    By detecting pedestrians and calculating collision times, our system ensures that human workers are safeguarded against potential accidents. This real-time intervention is crucial in preventing injuries and fatalities in dynamic work environments.

  • ● Driver Risk Management:

    The G4 system continuously assesses potential driving hazards, alerting the driver to any imminent risks and taking corrective actions when necessary. This proactive approach minimizes the chances of human error and enhances overall operational safety.

  • ● Vehicle and Property Protection:

    Our system monitors the vehicle's surroundings to prevent collisions that could damage the forklift and surrounding property. By ensuring safe operation, we help maintain the integrity of both the vehicle and the worksite.



Advanced Safety Systems for Special Purposed Vehicles: G4 System

Ambulance Systems

G4 detects stretchers and medical personnel using real-time object recognition and spatial awareness, ensuring safe maneuvering around critical equipment and staff during emergencies.

Fire Truck Systems

Advanced LiDAR and thermal imaging sensors in G4 provide comprehensive monitoring, helping fire trucks navigate through hazardous environments and avoid collisions with structures, vehicles, and personnel.

Vehicle Customized System

G4 employs AI-driven image recognition and motion detection to identify and track service people in uniform, ensuring safe operation in dynamic environments.

The G4 system’s adaptability and advanced sensor integration provide specialized vehicles with enhanced safety, leveraging AI, LiDAR, and thermal imaging for maximum protection and operational efficiency.


The G4 system provides comprehensive safety solutions for trains and metro systems, ensuring enhanced operational safety and efficiency.

Advanced Safety Systems for Trains & Metro: G4

Route-Condition Inspection System:

● Enhances the maintenance of tunnels, routes, walls, and wires.
● Capable of detecting abrasion of overhead power lines with ±1.0mm accuracy, obstacles on the track, and overheating of the ring power net.
● Components include a host, thread laser, multi-plane LiDAR, high-speed matrix camera with laser lights, infrared camera with a wireless temperature sensor, and RFID. Successfully implemented on TRT Line-6 for route and track maintenance.

Driver Monitoring AI System:

● This advanced system is installed in each locomotive to monitor the train driver for signs of fatigue, distraction, and yawning.
● It verifies the driver's semaphore before departure. Any abnormal conditions trigger both visible and audible alerts to remind the driver.
● Reports and video footage are sent to the management center via the subway intranet.
● The system is certified according to railway electronic OEM standards.

Automatic Obstacle Detection System:

● Designed to detect obstacles threatening an approaching train, including other trains and infringing items.
● Interfaces with the Automatic Train Protection system to initiate braking and adjust for slopes and crosses using an electronic map.
● Includes multi-plane LiDARs and operates independently of trackside facilities like radars.
● Currently under certification at SIL2 standards.

Detection Capabilities
Other trains: up to 200 meters
Rail track: up to 150 meters
Small objects (30 x 30 cm): 60 meters
People: up to 80 meters