Pioneering Future Safety Standards with AI and Computer Vision.

Founded in 2015 by an engineer team, veterans with extensive experience in North America and the UK, Vispect leads in integrating Computer Vision and AI technologies to improve safety in vehicles and machinery. The company has developed advanced ADAS technologies through image recognition and sensor fusion, securing 47 intellectual property rights by 2024. Recognized globally, Vispect excels in AI-based Pedestrian Detection, setting new safety standards internationally.


Leading the Shift from Assisted Driving to High-Level Automated Vehicles

Vispect champions AI-driven Pedestrian Detection technology, vital for everything from blind spot detection in public transport to construction site safety. Our solutions transform cutting-edge research into powerful products and systems, custom-built to enhance safety and reliability in diverse vehicle applications worldwide.

Safety Innovation Unified

By developing everything from AI algorithms to multi-sensor ADAS systems in-house, Vispect unlocks efficiencies and enhances vehicle safety, achieving scale in autonomous technologies.

Learn more about our quality control

From inception, Vispect has developed hardware and software with rigorous adherence to ISO, EN, GB, KC, and other standards, fostering superior product quality through classic V-Model software design, robust manufacturing protocols like ISO9000 and TS16949, and environmental compliance with ROHS and REACH. This integrated approach ensures each component—whether a complex AI-powered camera system or environmentally-friendly packaging—delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ready for the demands of automotive safety.

Revolutionizing Logistics, Construction, And Transportation

Vispect equips engineering and transportation vehicles, locomotives, and robots with advanced AI and sensors, transforming them into efficient, autonomous units that enhance safety and productivity across roads, farms, construction sites, Infrastructure, highways, and rail environments worldwide.

Vispect systems boost vehicle, machine, and robot performance globally, from city streets in Singapore to construction sites in Berlin and public transits in London. Trusted in diverse applications including trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles, our devices serve major markets like the UK, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and China, offering reliability and innovation to leading industry players.